While you’re on your journey to make a positive impact with your skills, you’re also becoming an entrepreneur.

You are building a spiritual business to help humanity heal and evolve.

You came here to make an impact, to guide us and support us.

And I came here to help lightworkers like you with your mission. To arm you with business and marketing knowledge so you can build a purposeful business by doing exactly what your higher self wants you to do.

I’m on a mission to empower the spiritual community with business skills and authentic marketing solutions.

I’m Timi Orosz, spiritual entrepreneur and the founder of Connect One Marketing, a resource library for getting you started with your spiritual business.

Timi Orosz spiritual business mentor for soulful entrepreneurs

From CEO to the Jungle

Discover why I’m now only working with self-aware & spiritual customers

business coach and mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs, Timi Orosz

Spirit to Win it

Bringing your spirituality into your business life in an authentic way

Stop wasting your energy on activities that don’t fulfil your soul. Use your spiritual calling in your authentic business to make a positive impact.

My journey of becoming a spiritual entrepreneur

As you can see, we all go through many different experiences until we take a leap forward and truly become our authentic selves in our work as well. It’s ok if you’re feeling a bit confused and unsure about how to make a living out of your soul’s mission.

I’ve been there as well and I can honestly relate to your frustration.

It took me many years of trial and error to finally combine my spiritual development journey with my business ambitions. I’m equally in love with building purposeful businesses and evolving on a soul level. So why choose?

When I brought them together in January 2020 and had my first few clients within just a few weeks, I realised one thing: even people with corporate backgrounds struggled to apply business strategies to their soulful services. Of course, they were not growing as a business and it also meant they couldn’t make as much of an impact as they wanted.

That’s when I decided to tweak my vision and instead of just offering marketing solutions to the spiritual community, I would also educate them about business essentials. With a background of a CEO and Sales & Marketing Director, it was such an obvious path for me to step on.

I slowly stepped away from providing marketing strategies, branding packages and action plans to transition into holistic business mentoring instead. I saw results faster for my customers and I enjoyed the process so much more!

Here’s how Spiritual Business Mentoring looks like

  • Assessment of your mentoring needs

    You take an online soulful biz assessment to establish what exactly stops you from making a bigger impact.

  • Are we the right fit?

    Making sure that we are the right fit for each other is crucial. I only work with people who are genuinely driven by making a positive difference in our world and are ready to commit to their soulful strategy execution.

  • Choosing your mentorship solution

    Depending on how much support you need and how stuck you are, I will recommend you the most suitable solution. My spiritual business mentoring packages are either 5 or 11 sessions. Each session is a 60-minute video call and you’ll keep the recording as well. Forever. Alternatively, you can jump on a one-off Strategy call for 90 minutes.

  • Execute what you learn

    Get ready for me holding you accountable when it’s needed and soothing your soul when that’s the most efficient way to keep you going. Mentoring is NOT coaching. You will receive hands-on advice, technical education, homework and strategic tips to grow your spiritual business. However, I do use several coaching techniques and I’m currently training with Jay Shetty’s coaching school but I want to be clear: what you’ll get is a soulful business MENTOR.

Ready to see if we’re a good fit?

If you are not sure yet what type of mentoring is suitable for you, have a look at my available services to get you a bit closer to your solution.

If you know how you want to develop then submit your soulful business assessment right here:

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