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Work with Timi Orosz, spiritual business mentor to grow your soulful business. Aligned solutions for spiritual entrepreneurs.

There are 2 ways for you to work with me, depending on what kind of support you need for your spiritual business.

See below what describes you best to discover the most suitable solution for you. Working with a spiritual business mentor is a big step forward, I get that. I want to make sure that you fully resonate with one of these options to help you make a bigger impact as a spiritual entrepreneur.

why work with a spiritual business coach or mentor

You need undivided attention and a tailored program

When you are uncertain about what to do with your impactful mission and how to find more aligned customers, a 100% tailored 1-2-1 solution could be the catalyst you need right now.

This is a great solution for you as a changemaker if you are:

  • ready to follow guidance to unlock new opportunities for your soulful business
  • looking for 1-2-1 support that pushes your authentic marketing to the next level
  • confused about all the business growth options and not sure where to shift your focus in the mid and long-term

How does this work?

The 6 Foundations of Business Consciousness is a 6-week intensive solution that transforms you and your business into an efficient soulful organization. 12 hours of mentoring over 6 weeks, covering everything you need to run your business efficiently as a spiritual entrepreneur.

We will dive into your unique situation and declutter the mess before I’ll optimise your efforts in an energetically aligned way. You’ll also learn about Soulful Selling so you can fall back in love with sales to confidently turn potential customers into happy clients.

The 6-week program includes:

➡️  3-hour interactive assessment to identify your most impactful activities 

➡️ 60-min progress review to tackle your blockers and adjust to your new approach

➡️ 3-hour customized workshop to create your Soulful Strategy and optimize your offers

➡️ 60-min intuitive play to overcome your business challenges authentically

➡️ 3-hour Soulful Sales training to make you fall in love with your sales process and handling objections

➡️ 60-min practice session to help you create your aligned targets moving forward

A total of 12 hours 1-2-1 mentoring that is tailored to your needs.

spiritual business mentor and business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs by Timi Orosz

How much is the investment?

A one-off investment of $2970 for the full 6-week program bringing you 12 hours of 121 spiritual business mentoring with me.

ideas for a spiritual business

You need a list of aligned ideas to work on your soulful strategy on your own

There are occasions when you don’t actually need full-on mentoring support, you just need a quick breakthrough to get yourself unstuck.

This is a great solution for you as a changemaker if you are:

  • a strong executor
  • clear on your mission
  • have some basic business or marketing skills/knowledge
  • feeling a bit confused about what to focus on right now
  • facing a creative block and need a supercharged brainstorming session

How does this work?

This is a 90-minute Soulful Strategy call that takes an assessment of your current situation, establishes where you want to get to and uncovers what really stops you from getting there.

You will be armed with hands-on advice and tasks for your authentic marketing and business development needs.

How much is the investment?

A one-off investment of $242.

Timi Orosz business mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs and businesses

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