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What is a spiritual awakening?

What is a spiritual awakening? What happens on a spiritual journey? Spiritual awakening is not magic. Learn how to handle your journey of consciousness

When you start your spiritual journey you are expecting a major spiritual awakening. And I’m sorry to break this to you, that’s not the process.

Figuring out how to become more spiritual and understand what spirituality actually is, can be a little confusing at first.

This is why I brought this video for you to help you navigate your growth journey a little easier and to explain what happens:

😫 when you feel that someone has “bad vibes”
💙 when you raise your vibrations to higher frequencies
🔎 when you start shifting your mindset

In this video, I also mention the consciousness chart by Dr David Hawkins, which you can find here:

Just remember, your spiritual awakening journey might be a bit different than what you expected. Keep evolving and keep questioning your conditioned belief systems to be able to raise your own consciousness.

The world needs more self-aware people, it’s now your time to shine ✨

And if you’re curious to find out what type of spiritual business role is aligned with your energy then you can find out in just a few clicks right here:

By Timi Orosz

Spiritual business mentor for coaches and healers.
Thought-challenger, positive thinker, big dreamer powered to make an impact

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